Underwater Speaker DRS-8
Model Number: DRS-8

RETAIL PRICE: $1195.00 (plus shipping)

Oceanears low-cost underwater speakers and loudspeakers are designed for use in diver recall systems, synchronized swimming sound systems, marine mammal recording and playback sound systems and any other system needing a hi-quality, low-cost means of projecting sounds underwater.

DRS-8 - Oceanears Diver Recall

The OCEANEARS DRS-8 Portable Underwater Speaker is a state of the art Piezoelectric Flexural Disc Transducer that will provide years of reliable service and pleasing music underwater. The speaker comes with 25 feet of cable and uses our Pin Suspension Design. The Standard Warranty is FIVE Years. One speaker for a 25-yard, six(6) lane pool for music.

Oceanears PVC Protective Cage Option
OPTIONAL PVC Cage available.

The Audio Isolation Impedance Matching Transformer Assembly comes with the underwater speaker for connecting the DRS-8 to the 4/8 Ohm Output, 70-Volt Output or 100-Volt Output of the power amplifier being used. The power rating for the EM-0611B Transformer is rated at 400-Watts Maximum.

OCEANEARS DRS-8 Underwater Speaker with Transformer Box has a FIVE YEAR LIMITED WARRANTY and is MADE in USA!

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DRS-8 - Oceanears Diver Recall

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DRS-8 - Oceanears Diver Recall

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