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Oceanears diver recall systems

When you are looking for serious systems for your aquatic sound needs, you have come to the right place. OCEANEARS has the most reliable Underwater Speakers/Loud Speakers and diver recall systems in the WORLD for the best price. Give your aquatic environment the quality sound it needs with our reliable speaker arrays.

Founded in 1991, OCEANEARS has quickly become the world leader in underwater music and sound systems. Outfit your aquatic system with underwater music speakers from Oceanears, and give your audience the experience they deserve. Our systems are perfect for synchronized swimming competitions.

OCEANEARS manufactures high-quality underwater communication devices for the synchronized swimming community and the ocean industry around the world:

  • Underwater speakers
  • Underwater Loudspeakers
  • Hydrophones
  • Acoustic Diver Recall Systems
  • U.S. Navy Approved Diver Signaling Devices
  • Underwater Speaker Arrays
  • Synchronized Swimming Sound Systems