High Powered Underwater Public Address Sound Systems

HPS-600 ~ Our Premier Sound System

Oceanears HPS-600 is our premier High Powered Underwater Public Address System for talking to submerged divers in dive tanks or open water situations.

  • Two(2) Three-Element DRS-8-ARRAYS
  • Crown DCi 2/600 Power Amplifier with ROLLS Mixer

Can be interfaced with a laptop computer.

Ideal for use with Harbor or Port Protection Systems!


Underwater Acoustic Signal Generator - Oceanears
Oceanears 3-Element Array

Introducing Oceanears brand new “JAM”  (Just About Music) Underwater Acoustic Sound System with DRS-12 Underwater Speaker. Play Hi-Fidelity UNDERWATER MUSIC from your device.

Perfect for marine research facilities to play sounds and music underwater to sharks, whales, dolphins, etc. Speaker features a large bass speaker for lower frequencies.

JAM System electronics installed in a Pelican 2200 Plastic Case for easy & worry-free portability.

  • Oceanears JAM Portable Synchro with JAM Sound System
  • Air Speaker
  • PG48 SHURE Hand-held Microphone
  • Oceanears DRS-8 Underwater Speaker
  • 50-feet of cable
  • Supplied with stereo to mono adapter cable
  • 12V DC rechargeable battery with charger
  • BlueTooth receiver
  • ROLLS Audio Ducker
  • Separate air speaker volume control.