OCEANEARS provides underwater communications systems for government and military use. OCEANEARS is in development of a cost effective means of Acoustic Diver Recall that works for recall SCUBA Divers for N.O.A.A. Dive Teams around the world.

OCEANEARS DSD-6E Acoustic Diver Signaling Devices are a vital part of diving lockers on US NAVY Submarines. DSD-6E are also used by EOD, MDSU and Special Forces Dive Teams for diver recall.

Accomplish long-range underwater communications with 97% intelligibility by using our underwater speakers. This is the perfect underwater PA system and can even be used to combat terrorist scuba divers detected in a restricted areas.

OCEANEARS helps to protect American ports and harbors. These systems are a must-have for low cost underwater threat detection systems used by Mobile Safety and Security Teams.

US Coast Guard - Oceanears Customer

If you have a need for diver recall or underwater communication contact OCEANEARS at 330-896-3644 or click here to contact us.

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