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Oceanears is your number one source for top quality underwater speakers, loudspeakers and diver recall systems in the world. Our devices are used for a large range of aquatic needs. We provide everything from synchronized swimming sound systems to U.S. Navy Approved Diver Signaling Devices and Diver Recall Systems.

Oceanears DRS-6 - Diver Recall System
OCEANEARS DSD-6E Acoustic Diver Signaling Device

Founded in 1991, Oceanears has 30 years of experience in the underwater sound industry. We’ve mastered the technique of creating high-quality underwater communication devices for all aquatic environments. Whether your goal is to add underwater speakers to your swimming pool or ensure clear communication with your fellow divers – Oceanears is your solution.

The "JAM" Acoustic Sound System

Introducing Oceanears brand new “JAM”(Just About Music) Underwater Acoustic Sound System with DRS-12 Underwater Speaker. Play Hi-Fidelity underwater music from your device.

Perfect for marine research facilities to play sounds and music underwater to sharks, whales, dolphins, etc. Speaker features a large bass speaker for lower frequencies.

Atlanta 1996 Olympics - Oceanears
2013 San Jose Central American Games
Rio 2016 Olympics & Oceanears

OCEANEARS provided the Underwater Sound Systems of these Olympic Games!

Oceanears DRS-8 Portable Underwater Speaker is a state of the art Piezoelectric Flexural Disc Transducer that will provide years of reliable service, and offers a low-cost option for projecting sounds underwater. Oceanears DRS-8 underwater speakers were also used at the 1996 Olympic Games in Atlanta, the 2008 Olympic Games Beijing in the “Water Cube”, and most recently in the 2016 Rio DeJaneiro, Brazil Olympic Games.

These are just several of the high quality systems we provide at Oceanears for supporting synchronized swimming around the World.

Oceanears is also working on creating new and innovative ways to use our technology in the future. We are currently involved in developing a diver communication system based on Oceanears underwater speaker technology where all voice transmissions by the diver are in the audible range of hearing so that no receiver is required by the dive buddy to hear the voice.

We are also involved in animal deterrent systems using our underwater speakers.

Underwater Sound Systems

2013 San Jose Central American Games

Rio 2016 Olympics & Oceanears

Our synchronized swimming sound system was used at the 2016 OLYMPIC GAMES in Rio de Janeiro, Brazil.

FINA World Swimming Championships 2012
2014 US Collegiate Swimming Nationals

If you are serious about Synchro, then you need an OCEANEARS Synchro Sound System >>>

DEMA Show - Go DivingMembers of DEMA since 2015. At the DEMA Show in 2015 through 2019.

Oceanears underwater speakers are used in Port Protection Security Systems in the fight on Terrorism. High quality underwater voice transmissions are required for these systems to talk to potential bad guys at long ranges.

Oceanears proudly provides high quality devices for EOD, MDSU, SEALS and Special Forces Dive Teams for diver recall around the world. We take pride in our work and strive to develop new devices for future underwater sound endeavors for the U.S Military.

USA Military Approved Equipment