OCEANEARS is actively involved in doing acoustic research in a variety of areas. Currently we’re involved in developing a Diver Acoustic Communication System based on OCEANEARS Underwater Speaker Technology where all voice transmissions by the diver are in the audible range of hearing so NO RECEIVER is required by the dive buddy to hear the voice.

OceanEars - Underwater Diver Commuication
DACS with KIRBY MORGAN M48 Full Face Mask
OceanEars - Underwater Diver Commuication

OCEANEARS is developing the Diver Acoustic Communication System that allows divers to communicate underwater using the OCEANEARS underwater speaker technology. All voice transmissions between the divers is in the audio range of hearing and NO RECEIVER will be required to hear the voice. The same technology as in the OCEANEARS Diver Recall Systems.

We are also involved in animal deterrent systems using our underwater speakers.

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